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#RNCinCLE Wrapup & #DemsInPhilly
Week AheadPosted July 25, 2016 by Bill Rausch
After catching up on a bit of sleep after an intense week in Cleveland at the 2016 GOP Convention, the Got Your 6 team is heading to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia to close out the convention season. With that in mind check out my week in review from #RNCinCLE and what I expect to see with the #DemsInPhilly. At Got Your 6 we know that veterans are leaders, problem solvers, and team builders. In short, we are civic assets and that fact was on display in Cleveland. I spoke with hundreds of people last week and met veterans from all generations and services who were in Cleveland as delegates, elected officials, police officers, and protesters. It was a reminder that the veteran community is as diverse as they nation we have served. During a campaign that has become increasingly divisive and at times hateful, those of us who have served in uniform should remind ourselves that we have something ver…

Bill Rausch Responds to Trump Advisor Suggesting Hillary Should Be Shot

Last week, Al Baldasaro, a retired Air Force veteran who advises Donald Trump on veterans' issues suggested Hillary Clinton should be shot for her history of scandals. During an interview with the "Jeff Kuhner Show," Baldasaro condemned the former secretary of state for lying to the families of Benghazi, then said the following:
“This whole thing disgusts me, Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.” Bill Rausch, Executive Director of Got Your 6 a veteran empowerment organization rejected Baldasaro’s remarks, calling it “completely inappropriate.”

“I’m a combat veteran – you don’t say that," he said. "You don’t put people in front of firing squads and shoot them. It goes against the ethos of every single person who’s raised their right hand and swore to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. He should know better.” These remarks are “especially inappropriate,” Rausch said, in light of the recent deadly shootings of p…
Review from #RNCinCLE Day One: Make America Safe Again
As the traditional media spend the entire morning talking about Melania Trump’s speech, check out my review of Day One at the Republican Convention below. On Day One of the Republican Convention, I walked into Quicken Loans Arena, commonly known as “The Q,” to what’s being called the “revolt” where delegates on the floor were in aloud debate while attempting to pass a rules package being put forward by Trump delegates. The “yays” and “nays” voice votes had The Q rocking like I hadn’t seen since game 6 of the NBA finals last month. Politics aside, it was a clear reminder of how fired up folks are here at the convention as they crown Donald Trump the official nominee. We met dozens of veterans from all over the country who are here as delegates, supporters and even employees of the campaign and national party. While speaking with these folks, including a fellow Iraq war and Army veteran living in Phoenix, we were reminded that veter…
#VetInspired Energizes the 2016 Presidential Campaign Posted July 15, 2016 by Bill Rausch

Got Your 6’s #VetInspired campaign is uniting veterans, the military community, and the American public as we elect a new Commander in Chief. From the forests of Western Europe to the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq, over the decades U.S. service members have fought to liberate and bring democracy to hundreds of millions of people across the world. To highlight the value of veterans as civic and community leaders, the veteran empowerment organization Got Your 6 is bringing its #VetInspired campaign to the 2016 Presidential Campaign, starting with the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Got Your 6’s #VetInspired campaign upholds the service, sacrifice, and stories of our uniformed personnel as a call to action in the U.S. electoral process. Got Your 6 will attend the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to remind all Americans that — no matter their political…
Team Rausch Goes Electric; Reserves Tesla Model 3
and Accelerates Sustainable Transport!
From a young age I've always enjoyed cars, and reserving the Tesla Model 3 is not only exciting but also makes me feel like a kid again!

When asked by folks why I'm going "electric" I explain that what excites me about the Model 3 is how groundbreaking an automobile it is. Is it electric? Absolutely, 100%. It will also clock 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds. It's American made. The base price is $35,000 and it will comfortably seat five adults with more interior room than a BMW 3-series or my current Saab 9-3. This is possible, in part, because the driving position and fronts seats have been moved forward which is not possible in a combustable front engine car (the engine is in the way). The rear seats are also pushed toward the rear of the car and with an all glass roof there is not only more headroom, the experience is said to be unforgettable.

See additional specs below.
Bill Rausch - Executive Director of Got Your 6 on Community, Veterans in the Civic Process, and Leadership

My name is Bill Rausch and I had the pleasure of talking with JJ Pinter from Team RWB on the #EagleNation podcast. We spoke about my experiences as former Army Officer, my time on the hill advocating for Veteran’s issues in DC and as a consultant. I am also a husband and father, a local volunteer leader for Team Red, White, and Blue – in addition to being the Executive Director for Got Your 6.

Got Your 6 is dedicated to empowering veterans to lead a resurgence of community across the nation while bridging the civilian-military divide. #OneTeamOneFight JJ and I have a fun and wide-ranging conversation, covering:
● Leadership
● Community
● Growing up in the rural Midwest
● Veterans involved in the civic process
● And finally, Michigan-Ohio State Football (Go Buckeyes!) JJ is a great American, and a good friend – I’m proud to share my story with him and the #EagleNation